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Rearz - Pink Satin Rhumba Plastic Panties

Rearz - Pink Satin Rhumba Plastic Panties

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Experience luxury and protection with these Pink Satin Rhumba Waterproof Panties. These are undeniably the most elegant and fabulous panty in our collection.

Fashioned with a silky satin exterior and adorned with delicate ruffles on the back, these panties exude glamour and sophistication. The inner lining is made of premium TPU (polyurethane) fabric that is both waterproof and ultra-soft to the touch, with a light stretch for a comfortable fit. The TPU also has a distinct rustling sound that adds to the appeal of these panties.

If you're looking for the perfect combination of waterproof protection and the rich feel of satin, these are the perfect choice. Whether you're looking to wear them over your diapers or as a luxurious and functional lingerie, these Pink Satin Rhumba Waterproof Panties will leave you feeling fabulous.


Order the size where you fall closest to the center of the listed range. Sizes listed are the pant measurements when relaxed and stretched.

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