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Rearz - Pacifier Set - Lil' Monsters V2.0

Rearz - Pacifier Set - Lil' Monsters V2.0

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Embrace your inner mischievous side with our Lil' Monsters pacifier set! This fun and playful set includes two pacifiers and a handy pacifier clip, all adorned with cute and colorful monster designs.

Our adult-sized pacifiers are carefully crafted with a durable guard and teat designed to withstand hours of playful use. With the upgraded teat that includes firm bite guards on the sides, you can indulge in your pacifiers with complete confidence.

For added convenience, our free storage case can hold up to two size 6 pacifiers, making it easy to take your Lil' Monsters set with you wherever you go.

So, why not join our cute and quirky monsters on their adventures with our playful pacifier set? Let our fun and colorful designs bring a little mischief and excitement to your day and make your days a little more playful.

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