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Rearz - Large Diaper Pail Deodorizer Discs

Rearz - Large Diaper Pail Deodorizer Discs

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The perfect solution for anyone looking to keep their adult diaper pail smelling fresh and clean. Whether you or a loved one is managing incontinence, it can be difficult to keep odors under control. That's why we've created our natural essential oil infused deodorizer disks to tackle this problem head-on. Each disk is specially formulated to neutralize any unwanted odors and leave a subtle, pleasant scent in its place.
Using the disks is simple, just place one at the bottom of your diaper pail and replace it as needed. With regular use, the disks will keep your pail smelling fresh and clean, eliminating any embarrassment or stress caused by strong odors. Our deodorizer disks are not just effective but also easy to use, making managing adult incontinence more manageable and stress-free. With its added benefit of natural essential oils, it also give you peace of mind that the solution you're using is safe and toxin-free.

Box of 40 individually packaged large size discs. 3inch Diameter. 

Perfect for diaper pails, trash cans, bathrooms, drawers, cars and more!  Reduce unpleasant odors in any confined space that needs freshening up.

To have the best deodorant effect, put the disc into a non-empty diaper pail.  This allows for better circulation of the scent to control odors. Use one disc at a time and replace every 3-4 weeks or once a week for large pails. 

Gentle and fresh powder scent is nicer than the traditional citrus circles.  Each disc is individually packaged for freshness.

Non-hazardous and non-toxic. Keep out of reach of children and infants.

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