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Rearz - Convertible PJ - Daydreamer

Rearz - Convertible PJ - Daydreamer

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Wrap yourself in the soothing embrace of our Convertible Adult Baby PJ Set, specially designed for the adult baby in you. Whether you're settling into your favorite nursery rhyme or drifting off amidst cuddly dreams, these PJs promise to be your ultimate nighttime snug buddy.

The ultra-soft top combined with the matching bottoms ensures a touch as gentle as a lullaby, enveloping you in a fit reminiscent of a loving cradle. Stretch out, curl up, or just nestle in — these PJs invite moments filled with innocent comfort.

But what sets these apart? Unique extendable cuffs at both the feet and hands allow for adjustable lengths. Outgrown your PJs a bit or just want extra warmth? Simply unfold the cuffs! Great for those chilly winter nights, or when you just want to lounge in extra comfort.

When sizing these bottoms, please ensure you are referring to the other sizes as the relaxed measurement will seem very small when compared to the max stretched and you should be finding a size that fits on your comfortably, not too tight or too loose. 

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