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Rearz - Adult Baby Bottle - Vintage

Rearz - Adult Baby Bottle - Vintage

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Our adult sized baby bottle is designed for a two handed grip. This bottle will have you thirsting for more.

Besides the printed measuring guide this bottle is completely clear of any marks. The perfect bottle blank for either customization or that classic vintage look! This bottle is all glass with a new triple vented, fast flow silicone nipple. What are you waiting for, we cannot wait to see what you can come up with.


  • All Borosilicate glass bottle with a capacity of 500ml 
  • Medical grade silicone nipple
  • Fast flow vented silicone nipple with X style hole 
  • Measuring guide printed on side of bottle
  • Clear coloured cap
  • Glass bottle is 8.25" tall and with lid is 10.25"
  • Contents: Glass Bottle, screw on ring with fast flow nipple, dust cover /cap

 Washing Instructions:

Hand wash with regular dish soap. To extend the life of the print on the bottle we do not recommend machine washing. (Our tests have shown after 5 washes there was no visible fading after machine washing.)

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