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InControl - Organic Adult Nighttime Prefold Cloth Diapers

InControl - Organic Adult Nighttime Prefold Cloth Diapers

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Nighttime Prefolds Offer Superior Durability, Absorbency And Comfort At A Modest Price.

These certified organic prefolds are made from the softest organic birdseye cotton.  Birdseye weave cotton is renowned for it's superior softness and durability, making these a very comfortable investment.  Designed to withstand hundreds of industrial washes, these will provide years of wear.  
Incontrol offers the largest size range of organic prefolds available. Made from premium 140 gsm birdseye, these night weight prefolds feature a 4-8-4 layering system and are fantastic for any sleep position. Due to the higher gsm, there is more absorption in the side panels than 4-10-4 layer twill prefolds available from other brands.
If you are between sizes, please size up, as the product does shrink with washing. Please note that organic diapers must be washed and dried three times to achieve full absorbency.  Natural cotton contains waxes that need to be washed out of the organic cotton fabric for it to absorb properly.

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