Improvements at Diaper Sharks

🎉 Big news, family! 🦈 We've been on a mission to make your experience even more splashtastic over the past month, and guess what? We've revamped our world with some thrilling changes!

Your voice is our guiding star! 🌟 We've gathered all the pearls of wisdom you've shared, mixing them into our first-year treasure trove of learnings. Transparency and owning up to our slip-ups? We're all about it!

Wave goodbye to our old shipping model! 🌊 While third-party distribution centers had their moments, we're setting sail on a new adventure for speed and quality that truly meets our sharky standards. Yep, we've pulled back our inventory from over 40 centers across the land to bring everything under one roof – our cozy warehouse in Orlando, FL. Now, every package swims directly from us to your doorstep!

Quality and stealth are the new names of the game. 📦 Each order embarks on its journey in an unmarked cardboard box, with the goodies inside snug in opaque bags for extra secrecy. And on the label? Just a mysterious "DS-DD" – that's Diaper Sharks - Discreet Delivery for the insiders.

And let's talk carriers – only the big fish for us! 🚚 We're teaming up exclusively with FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service to ensure your package glides to you smoothly.

Stay tuned, because we've got more exciting waves of change on the horizon! Keep your fins on the pulse for more updates. 🌟